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    L’uomo che ha rotto il bowling:bellissimo articolo su chi ha rilanciato l’immagine del bowling; Qui l’articolo uscito su gq sempre su di lui

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    How to be productive with the apple reminders app: dopo Apple note ecco un articolo per utilizzare al meglio l’app promemoria

  • Use a custom domain name

    Please, for the love of all things web-related, if you decide to do anything online, get yourself a domain name. Don’t rely on the 3rd party domain provided by services like Blogger, Substack, Tumblr, whatever. Yes, it’s an extra cost but owning your URLs is important. If Substack dies tomorrow, all your fancy-cool-name.substack.com URLs are…

  • Techcrunch with Gutenberg

    Jamie Marsland ha ricostruito il sito TechCrunch.com con wordpress 6.3 in 30 minuti, buona visione

  • 4/09/1885

  • It’s time to get personal

    CJ Chilvers says it’s time to get personal… It’s not the only place for these things, but it’s your place for these things, and that makes all the difference. CJ Chilvers

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    Il buon manager si vede nel momento della pausa A new logo for Thunderbird

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    A visual history of the imac: which celebrates its 25th birthday this year. “Since then, the iMac has become one of the most popular desktop computer lines ever.”