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  • Sui blog

    Sono 20 anni di WordPress e Matt spiega molto bene cosa significa avere un blog: …is that it’s not about how many views you have, how many likes, trying to max all your stats… sometimes a single connection to another human is all that matters…

  • Link utili

    Indie microblogging: spiegato nei minimi dettagli

  • Dal web

    If you have a keyboard, you have the chance to speak to some people – the people who want to hear from you. It is possible, when the stars align, for that group to be a billion, or it might only be ten, but there is a number of people that you can engage with…

  • Super Bowl

    Ieri notte si è giocato il Super Bowl; nel link di seguito ci sono tutti gli spot trasmessi.

  • How to make the world better…

    Be good to people. Put good out there. Into motion. If you have a chance to help, help. If a smile or compliment will make someone’s day a little better, give it. If you have a shoulder to lend to someone in tears or an ear to someone unheard, do so. If your silence is…

  • Dal web

    Be the same person privately, publically, and personally.

  • Ivory

    Finally tapbots: Say Hello to Ivory. We are now available to all on Apple’s App Store! We have launched as “Early Access” because we still have a lot of exciting plans ahead of that will make Ivory even better. Go download it, try it free for 7 days, and experience it for yourself! Ivory…

  • Tranci di pizza

    Negli ultimi 9 anni Liam Quigley ha tenuto traccia di tutti i tranci di pizza che ha mangiato ed i prezzi che ha pagato a New York

  • Legendary movie cars

    E poi su Tumblr trovi questo post di koolinus

  • Blog from the phone

    Lee Peterson, AKA LJPUK on How to blog more from your smartphone. First thing is remove all of your social media apps to a second home page or the App Library. Second is put your blogging app on your main Home Screen. That’s it. Post your thoughts to your blog first. In questi ultimi tempi…